New module for precisely positioning holographic
single-image designs

Single images in cold foil transfer

Fürth/Germany, 12 April 2016: Leonhard Kurz will be presenting the Distorun module for processing single images and continuous designs on narrow-web cold foil transfer systems at this year's Drupa. Previously, it has only been possible to transfer metallic colors and holographic continuous designs using cold foil technology. With the Distorun module installed on a printing machine, it is now also possible to precisely position holographic single images. Only a minor modification to the printing machine is required: the Distorun is simply mounted on it with an adapter plate. The module synchronizes itself with the machine but operates independently of its control system. The Distorun comes with a print mark reader that registers the position of the print marks. It also possesses a rotary encoder that detects the speed of the substrate being printed on. Using this data, the Distorun determines the exact location on the substrate to apply the cold foil and controls the foil feed accordingly. Up to three foil webs can be used in parallel, and foil widths of 330, 420 and 520 millimeters can be processed.

New possibilities for brand name protection and brand decoration

This innovative functionality opens up new perspectives for label design. Cold foil transfer can now be used to apply striking authenticity features that are difficult to copy and strengthen the consumer's trust in the brand. Furthermore, memorable highly decorative single images with a high recognition effect can be used to create brand identity and raise the profile of a brand. The lens motifs with a special depth effect, which are very popular with brand name manufacturers, are an example of this. These striking images, which attract attention like magic, can now be implemented by cold foil transfer.

Full utilization of the foil web

The Distorun's ability to precisely apply sections of a cold foil web onto a substrate can also be used to save foil. The sections of the foil not transferred during the first pass can be used in a second and third pass. The foil web is rewound after the first transfer and is available for further transfers at high registration accuracy. This ensures efficient foil usage over the entire length of the web.
The Distorun technology will be presented at the Kurz booth D60 in Hall 3. The Distorun module can be seen live in action with an iFlex 370 label press at the machine manufacturer Omet's booth D90 in Hall 3.
Kurz will also be represented in hall 3, booth E74, at the Drupa Innovation Park in hall 7.0, booth E10, at the Touchpoint Packaging in hall 12, booth B53 and at PrintCity in hall 12, booth C51.