Students put on a fashion show with experimental material

Future fashion trends at MCBW

Fürth, Germany, February 20, 2018: The upcoming generation of fashion designers presents its cutting-edge creations at this year's MCBW (Munich Creative Business Week). At the opening ceremony on March 3, graduates of the Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode/Designschule in Munich (German master school for fashion/design) are hosting a fashion show combining unexpected styles, colors, and materials in the BMW double cone building. Under the slogan "Expeditions/Confessions" they borrow from the work world to combine traditional fabrics with new materials, hard-wearing weaves with delicate cloth, and functional cuts with decorative details.

Metal designs on linen

The focus among these fabrics is on natural fiber linen, once a typical fabric for work clothes, laboriously made by hand and woven into a sturdy, unyielding pattern ‒ nowadays softly flowing and comfortable if desired. Another popular material is metallic textile foil.

The tech-look metal foils from Leonhard Kurz, an international manufacturer of decorative and functional coatings, have been used to contrast with the natural linen materials, cotton and sateen. Beyond that, different patterns and motifs, holographic designs, and a spectrum of shimmering metal colors have been employed to exploit the broad design freedom provided by textile foils.

Everyday high fashion

A collection of accessory streetwear bags demonstrates that the metal designs are not just limited to the catwalk. Each of them mimics the metal design of the matching outfit and shows the wear resistance and capability of foil decoration.

As part of the Munich fashion prize, there will be a special exhibition from February 19 to March 3, 2018 at the MVG-Kundencenter in the Marienplatz. Three selected models will be publicly presented there. The results of the collaboration will be on display on March 3 during the open house at the Meisterschule für Mode, Rossmarkt 15, Munich, as well as at the collection's big finale on July 19 and 20, 2018, in the Muffathalle.

Participant voices:

"We are really looking forward to this fantastic joint project with the Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode," comments Nicola Bauer, product manager for fashion at Kurz. "This cooperation brings together tomorrow's designers by using a product that represents a wonderful and creative stylistic device, in order to give their creations a unique and unmistakable look. Fashion designers are still largely unaware of the potential of our design foils. That's why there is a Kurz design team to provide advice on fashion projects and show all design possibilities."

Dr. Silke Claus, CEO at bayern design and organizer of MCBW: "Creativity is the fuel of change. Designers in particular have the ability to think outside the box and reinterpret what already exists. The cooperation between the innovative hot stamping foil producer Kurz and the Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode represents innovation that stands tall from any angle! We are already looking forward to the presentation of the Collection at the Munich Creative Business Week reception, which is again this year emphasizing fashion by awarding the Munich fashion prize."

Irene Schoppmeier, head of the Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode/Designschule München, is excited about the cooperation. "Cooperation with business partners is an integral part of the curriculum at the technical schools of Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode/Designschule München. With this project, students are taking up the challenge of using unconventional materials to come up with unusual and wearable clothing creations. Technical foils combined with classic, natural raw materials for clothing, as well as craftsmanship and familiarity with innovative technology, have led to unique couture models emerging from the successful collaboration. It is an exciting way to present tradition and modernity."


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